Major US iGaming Operators form Responsible Gambling Association

Seven US-facing operators have joined forces to create ROGA, a responsible gambling association that will span the majority of the igaming market and be dedicated to responsible gaming practices across the board.
Major US iGaming Operators form Responsible Gambling Association
April 01, 2024

Seven of the biggest igaming operators in the US have put out a joint statement announcing the launch of the Responsible Online Gaming Association (ROGA), a new association dedicated to promoting responsible gambling across the market.

According to the press release on the new website,, it will be made up of operators who control 85% of the regulated US igaming space. This includes DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, bet365, Hard Rock Digital, Penn Entertainment, and Fanatics Betting & Gaming.

The operators have pledged over $20 in combined contributions to ROGA, and have agreed to share information about individuals affected by problem gambling and other relevant data that will allow each of them to bolster their own responsible gambling measures.

Jennifer Shatley Appointed Executive Director

Jennifer Shatley was appointed as the executive director of the newly formed association thanks to her extensive background in dealing with responsible gambling.

Shatley is the president of the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling and member of the National Council on Problem Gambling, as well as the co-chair of the compliance review board for the American Gaming Association’s Responsible Marketing Code for Sports Wagering.

Thanks to her extensive background and experience with the topic, Shatley will be in a unique position to help steer ROGA in the right direction and help operators share all relevant data in the most impactful way possible.

“Together, our members will work alongside researchers, experts, regulators and stakeholders to promote responsible online gaming and maximise our efforts to support additional responsible gaming education and awareness,” Shatley commented.

She further added: “By coming together with a clear set of objectives, ROGA and our members will work to enhance consumer protections and help provide easier and more efficient access to responsible gaming tools for consumers to enjoy the entertainment of online gaming.”

Extensive Cooperation Among Top Operators

The founding of ROGA could prove to have a real impact on the igaming industry in the US and the way operators handle their responsibility towards their customers.

According to the early information, ROGA members have shown commitment to work together on a variety of educational, gaming standards, and advertising practices, which could prove to be a real step in the right direction when it comes to responsible gambling.

The group is aiming to create a joint database that would allow them to share information across the platforms and provide each operator with the necessary data to maximize consumer protection. The details of this database have not been disclosed as of yet.

ROGA will also be introducing a certification program, which will rate each member’s responsible gambling practices and even offer incentives for participation.

On the other hand, some operators like Caesars have shown a disinterest in joining ROGA, dubbed it a marketing stunt, and stated: While we applaud all efforts to ensure online gaming is both operated and marketed in a responsible manner, we are confident in our [own] responsible gaming approach.”

Despite the absence of some major operators, ROGA will be proceeding with its work in the near future and should soon have a database up and running that will cover the vast majority of the US igaming market.

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