Entain Foundation U.S. Successfully Launches App for Responsible Gaming

Free “Gamble Responsibly America” app has become available in the American App Store and Google Play Store.
Entain Foundation U.S. Successfully Launches App for Responsible Gaming
June 23, 2021

The Entain Foundation US has unveiled the Gamble Responsibly America App, which is now available in the American App Store and Google Play Store. It is slated to become an extensive resource for people with potential gambling issues.

The foundation geared towards responsible gambling is funded by been BetMGM co-parent Entain, one of the most-renowned global sports betting and gaming operators.

The first-of-its kind app for responsible gaming has been developed with EPIC Risk Management and RG24/7, which are both partners of the Entain Foundation U.S. for education projects. Included in the app are educational resources and various key tools to combat potential issues with problem gambling. Customers are not required to register in order to take advantage of the services.

“We are incredibly proud to be launching the Gamble Responsibly America application as our commitment to responsible betting and gaming is unmatched within the industry. Through this first-of-its-kind app, we are determined to continue helping individuals by providing the resources and programs necessary to ensure everyone is betting and gaming responsibly,” said Martin Lycka, Entain Senior Vice President for American Regulatory Affairs and Responsible Gambling and Trustee of the Entain Foundation U.S. in the official press release for the launch.

The Entain Foundation US came to life in 2019 and represents a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting responsible gambling. It has committed more than $100 million to responsible gambling programs over the next five years. This includes the sponsorship of various information and education programs on problem gambling for professional and collegiate athletes, as well as on the university level.

Gamble Responsibly America contains a plethora of assets and information to gamble responsibly, It has been developed to provide guidance for those in need and at risk of gambling addiction. The app also showcases behavioral patterns or symptoms associated with problem gambling as well, which is a first for an entirely free app.

Right upon launch, the app is available in English and Spanish to cover the most frequently spoken languages on US soil. Half a dozen key features stand out from the get-go:

Thanks to a 24/7 live chat option, individuals can connect with specialists from the National Council on Problem Gambling to seek guidance, help and advice. Users will also have access to a comprehensive list of where to find additional information and assistance, as well as videos pertaining to the importance of responsible gambling.

Most online gambling operators already offer tools to limit overall activities. Thanks to the Gamble Responsibly America app, users will gain further insight how to take advantage of exactly that in order to regulate their playing habits. A quick self-assessment quiz is available to challenge users to recognize and modify their gambling activities in a positive way.

With the Gambling Diary, app users can make notes about their gaming and betting choices on a frequent basis. Behavioral callouts with regards to playing frequencies, failed deposits, and multiple payment methods represent yet another step towards raising awareness about potentially harmful patterns.

All these options are available within a few clicks and entirely free of charge while not requiring any subscription or registration. The app doesn’t contain any Entain or BetMGM branding at all. Its sole purpose is the development and maintenance of healthy betting habits.

It is yet another vital milestone for responsible gambling efforts on US soil. The Gamble Responsibly America is now available as of June 2021 for Apple users on the App Store. Likewise, Android devices can download it via the Google Play Store as well.

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