Kindred Partners with Gamban in Groundbreaking Deal

Unibet’s parent company is the first in the US to offer the software which blocks gambling sites.
Kindred Partners with Gamban in Groundbreaking Deal
June 18, 2021

Kindred Group—the parent company of Unibet—has joined together with responsible gaming company Gamban, to provide its software in the US.

The partnership cements an existing agreement between the two companies, which began in 2017 and operates throughout Europe and Australia. Under the new deal, Unibet will become the first operator in the US to provide Gamban’s self-exclusion software to its customers.

Gamban’s founder Jack Symons, said: “We’re incredibly excited to partner with Unibet and offer our blocking software in the US – it’s a huge step forward for the industry.”

He praised Unibet’s proactive stance, adding: “There’s no regulatory pressure for gambling operators to offer blocking software, so it’s fantastic Unibet is taking it upon itself to offer protection for its vulnerable customers in the US and on a global scale.”

Symonds continued, “This highlights the evolution of the industry in recognizing how products like ours can protect their players and the sustainability of their companies, as well as the wider industry.”

A Proven Track Record in Combating Harmful Gambling

Gamban is a UK-based company, whose software allows users to block over 40,000 gambling apps and websites. Founded in 2015, it has grown to become an industry leader, winning several awards for its software in the process.

Gamban works alongside other responsible gaming organizations in the UK, including s*elf-exclusion scheme, GamStop*—as well as GamCare, a treatment provider for problem gamblers. They also collaborate with Lloyds Banking Group to help block gambling transactions.

Maris Catania, head of responsible gaming at Unibet, is pleased to be bringing GamBan’s tried and tested software to the US market and she emphasized Unibet’s commitment to eliminating harmful gambling.

Catania said, “We are proud to be the very first operator in the US to offer interstate protection to our customers and we strongly believe this will be an important step for the industry.”

“It has always been our ambition to bring our European know-how and expertise in responsible gambling to the US and our long-standing successful partnership with Gamban perfectly aligns with this ambition, as well as our journey towards zero revenue from harmful gambling by 2023.”

Kindred Leading the Way in Responsible Gaming

This kind of statement is indicative of the lead that Kindred is taking when it comes to responsible gaming practices. It is also the first operator to publish how much revenue comes from problem gambling. In addition, it will also report on how successful it has been in helping customers with issues in controlling their gambling.

Players who are experiencing problems and wish to self-exclude, will be offered a Gamban license to cover that period of time.

Symons advocates using several tools to combat harmful gambling. He explained: “We always recommend using other barriers in addition to gambling-blocking software, such as self-exclusion. The friction these offer give the individual a chance to think between urge and action. During this time, they can ride out their urge or think again before acting on temptation.”

With mobile technology ubiquitous in everyday life, this holistic approach is perhaps more pertinent now than ever before. A point that Symons is only too aware of: “In a world where the lure of immediate gratification through digital activity is increasingly tempting, we want to help people regain control and balance – and by using Gamban, they can do that.”

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